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Simple Healthy Remedies for Sports Induced Breakouts

Breakouts.. they are common amongst teenagers and those who don’t wash their faces often enough. However, as an avid runner and athlete, you will also probably experience breakouts from time to time, just from the sweat, hormones, stress and pressure of competitive running, either sprinting or long distance. Even older and more mature athletes experience this at times and it’s nothing to be embarrassed about. In this article we tackle how it can be addressed in a healthy and natural way that won’t break the bank either!

Tackling Occasional Breakouts

Acne is a horrible condition that many people have to deal with on a daily basis. From runners, tennis players and swimmers to even weight lifters and bodybuilders, acne is something all serious athletes have to learn to manage. Not many people know the cure for acne. It may not be a deadly disease, but it can make someone emotionally and even cause stress. Some people tend to press and pick their acne, making it worse and in most cases lead to scarring. For this reason, people suffering from acne often look for methods on how to cure their pimples.

Over the Counter Relief

The first step for you to cure acne is to look for relief. There are hundreds of non-prescription products that can help to relieve and improve your acne condition. When choosing an acne product, it is better to go for the one that is strongly recommended by family members or close friends. Some acne medication that you see on television adverts are merely overhyped and does not help to improve your acne condition. Get a list of good acne products so that you can try out the different goods to see which product is most effective.

Most Popular Home Remedies

Apart from non-prescription medication, another way to cure acne is through home remedies. Most of the homemade remedies for acne can be in the form of food, fruits, and vegetables. Keeping a healthy diet that is very rich in vegetables and fruits is a definite way of curing acne. These foods should be rich in nutritional vitamins, zinc, and anti-oxidants. Food that is processed and those that are full of fats should be avoided. Fatty foods and sugars result in a buildup of oil that clogs the pores leading to acne and therefore should be prevented. Fruits, on the other hand, has anti-oxidants and vitamins that are essential for the regeneration of the skin. Green leafy fresh vegetables such as spinach, kale, and watercress are high in fiber, and they have compounds and vitamin supplements that help in getting rid of acne. Additionally, one can take a multi-vitamin to complement the diet.

Benefits of Natural Eating for Athletes

Other natural ingredients which are helpful in eliminating acne are fresh lime juice or lemon juice and milk. Here is a standard method to prepare a mixture with these ingredients. First, steam half a glass of milk and allow it to cool. Add the exact amount of lime juice or lemon juice). You will have to wait for a solution to cool down before making use of it. After it has cooled down, use a clean cloth to apply it the affected areas.

Also, make note of the supplements you are taking. There are frequent reports that supplements like whey protein or casein protein increase acne breakouts because of the hormone increase they produce. Likewise, some people report over use of caffeine, either through drinks like Red Bull or coffee, also increases the frequency of breaking out. Keep a log of what you consume and when you break out and then you can better diagnose causes and identify solutions. For example, if milk-based protein powders make you break out, you can explore other plant based options like pea or soy protein.

Importance of Keeping Clean

Continuous accumulation of dirt from dust, sweat and dead cells can clog skin pores leading to acne. Having your bath twice a day and using a sulfur-based soap will make the skin free of dirt and help it to breathe well. However, frequent washing of the skin should be avoided as this could make the skin irritated thereby worsening the acne. You can also take a precaution to keep your hair off the face and clean the pillow every day. It is because the hair has oils that may contribute to the acne breakout.

As mentioned above, people suffering from acne have a greater risk of developing scars and infections. One should by no means pick or irritate an acne infected area since it will only make things even worse. Another way to treat acne is by using Aloe Vera. It is famous for its cooling results and can help to reduce the bloating of acne. When applied on your skin, Aloe Vera helps to speed up recovery.

These are just some examples of how you can treat acne. There are numerous home and natural remedies which you can use to cure acne. However, it is important to give each method you use some time to work before moving on to the next one.